If you are looking for a high performance speedy little daysailer, the Force 5 is the boat for you.  With its large comfortable cockpit and 91 square feet of sail, it can easily accommodate one or two sailors.  When the wind pipes up you’ll be in for the ride of your life.

  The boat is aesthetically pleasing, with a hard chine aft for stability and a beautiful sharp bow that cuts through the waves.  It is easy to transport, weighing only 145 pounds.  It can be cartopped or trailered and is easy to set up at the local beach or off your lake home dock.

The boat is perfect for everyone from beginner to expert and is very easy to rig.  It has a three piece tapered mast, a high performance boom, and complete sail controls that are easily reached and adjusted from the sailing position.  Fast and fun, the Force 5 is eager to help you find adventure on your lake or bay.

Your Racing Machine!

If you are looking for a racing one design that is up to date and a little more advanced and sophisticated than the typical club racer, the Force 5 is for you.  Completely outfitted with the best gear on today’s market as standard equipment, you won’t believe the value in the Force 5 as a racer.  Raced actively all over the nation, the Force 5 has seen some very talented sailors grace its ranks.  Over 12,000 boats exist, making it one of the largest one design classes in the world.  A full regatta schedule awaits you if you are feeling competitive.

Fast and sleek, with full sail controls, the Force 5 almost has a big boat feel; yet as a single-hander, you’re in charge.  Go on and push it to the edge!