Club Camping

Camping at BYC is available and we will be publishing additional details in the coming weeks once we get the details confirmed. We have to get permission from the Army Corp to use the lake side of the club for camping. We will still have plenty of room for everyone to camp, however we want to use this are as it is much more inviting.

Stay Tuned!! More to Come!

The club has complete facilities:

Full men's & women's bathrooms (hot & cold running water) with showers.

Full Kitchen

Inside dining tables and couches

Area Camp Grounds

Mill Creek Campground

7400 Bedell Rd, Berlin Center, OH 44401

Lakeside Campground

6180 Bedell Rd, Berlin Center, OH 44401


McDermott’s Lakefront Campground

8999 German Church Rd, North Benton, OH 44449


Whispering Pines Campground

1085 Industry Rd, Atwater, OH 44201


Philabaun's Hidden Cove Resort

1115 Edgewater Blvd, Deerfield, OH 44411


Pelican Cove Campground

9723-9701 Cartersford Rd, Deerfield, OH 44411